Thursday, July 17, 2014

Groovy Baby

'Artists and Musicians of the Sixties were definitely into clothes' - Yoko Ono

*Sorry for the not great quality of the photos in this post*
Fun, colourful and unique. The 1960s brought us a completely new outlook on clothes. Thanks to new technology designers could suddenly bring women bright colours and prints that had never been seen before. It sparked off a whole new era of fashion that showed young people that they no longer had to dress like their parents.

And one piece symbolises the sixties over any other: The mini dress.

In their July 2014 issue, Sew Magazine were giving away a sixties inspired dress pattern which I definitely couldn't say no to. The simple style of the mini dress lends itself perfectly to bright fabrics especially florals which would normally be too much. Overall the effect is a timeless, fun piece that can be worn during the day with a blazer or dressed up with heels and a fun clutch bag for the evening.

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On top of all that with only two main pieces, the sixties mini dress is super duper easy to sew. If you've never delved into sewing before and fancy making your own dress give this one a bash!

I decided to go for View C which I felt was the most classic. I've never been a massive Peter Pan collar fan (oooh it rhymes) and the bow didn't really appeal but as this is such a versatile pattern it would be so easy to alter and customise to do whatever you wanted (pockets, trim etc)

I went to my local fabric shop and chose a Liberty-esque print which was a fraction of the price of genuine Liberty (One day my pretty but not great for the thrifty students among us) and then set to it. This was a super easy project and very forgiving meaning that if you were feeling quick you could probably get it done in an afternoon. It took me a couple of days but I was feeling lazy and the zip took a couple of attempts.

So here's the finished result. As you can see I managed to cut it way too short, so it's possibly slightly less suitable for day time and deffo not one to wear without tights.

It fastens with a zip at the back which you could make concealed if you were feeling fussy or adventurous. I decided on a simple centered zip as with this busy pattern it doesn't show up too badly and it was easier to do.

Overall, I was really impressed with this pattern. Definitely a good one for a beginner with some core techniques such as facings and zips, as well as getting your length right... Result a lovely summery dress!

So why not get your 60s vibe on and have a go at a fun shift dress!

Happy sewing


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